Quistini Castle | Roses labyrinth, bioenergetic and secret garden in Franciacorta

Rose labyrinth

The rose labyrinth consists in three large concentric circles composed exclusively out of roses, with a center Gazibo covered with an splendid claiming rose of annual flowering (Banksiae Alba e Banksiae Alba Plena). The three circles are divided in 4 circular sectors that tell the story of roses: To the entrance the first plants in direction of the Gazebo are ‘Rosa Rugosa’ (spontaneous hybrids), going through 4 bushes of modern roses. To the right you may find modern roses, as for the opposite side we have antic roses. In the south sector, (direction vivarium) you may find the English Roses of David Austin, until arriving to the arch covered by a beautiful antic rose called,m.me Alfred Carriere.


The hydrangeas’s
Secret Garden

In this small and hidden garden we can find some of the most particular types of hydrangeas. You may find classic ball style Hortens, but also others on flower pots called Teller. The most particular are: Hydrangea involucrata involucrata, hydrangea teller blue bird, H. quercifolia, H. paniculata, H. serrata preziosa, H. Annabelle, H. Tricolor, H. Aspera.


Bioenergetic Garden

The bioenergetic garden of Castello Quistini was built in 2004 under direction design of Marco Nieri and l'Arch. Chiara Odolini. To a first look it might seem jus a simple garden, but in reality the ‘Bioenergetic Landscape’ Project follows very specific guidelines. The base idea that plants and nature are beneficial to people is very ancient. It is noted for example that so many vegetable species posses therapeutical properties under active principles, used from long ago in medical and food compounds. Many researches have amplified the interest and knowledge in the fact that plants can give other benefits, demonstrating how beneficial interaction of plants with men can also achieve a psychological, emotional and sensorial level.


"Brolo" of the castle

In the ‘Brolo’, in brescian considered to be the productive area of the house, have been inserted many ancient and forgotten fruits, we list some of the ones that tourist can taste during season time: Biricoccolo, that in its three kinds we find ‘Nostrano’ (Local), ‘Gigante’ (Giant), ‘Visuviano’. The Nashi, Fico Briogiotto, Pear Quince. With the fruit produced we manufacture a selection of delicious marmalades. Many varieties of fruit anciently produced have stepped aside to fruit varieties always more resistant and attractive, but this is not always a synonym of taste and goodness.

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