Wedding parties in the castle in Franciacorta - Castello Quistini



Castello Quistini is located 20km from Brescia, 35km from Bergamo, 60km from Milan. The highway MI-VE is 2km away.

Price range

The cost of the wedding location is to be defined according to the required needs.

N° invited

The maximum number of guests in a single space (column room) is 190 people.


Equipped kitchen, toilet, changing table, outdoor parking.


External catering and banqueting service. We are able to suggest catering to you based on your needs.


Garden of over 10,000 square meters, a unique room for 190 people, a veranda for 120 people.


The car parks are located a few tens of meters from the entrance of the location and are available for about 200 cars.


From Monday to Sunday by appointment calling +39 333 4885531 or writing to

Living the atmosphere of a noble residence

Ancient heroic deeds, sacred rites, noble intrigues, parties and banquets: the air and court charm come back to life at the wedding entertainments in the castle in Franciacorta, an area rich in history, timeless villages, excellent wine and timeless tradition. Castello Quistini is one of the last bastions of this culture: built in 1560 on request of the nobleman Ottaviano, as a fortified residence, substitutive of the Castle of Rovato, at the very beginning it has been called Palazzo Porcellaga, in honor of its founder. In your most special day you can use the ancient Column Hall, which can host up to 200 people; the lively Grotesque Room, for more intimate receptions, up to 30 people; or the beautiful arcades and surrounding gardens.

The Column Hall

Imagine the most beautiful day in the most ancient and important room of the architectural complex: a ceiling entirely covered by cross vaults, supported by eight pillars in precious Sarnico sandstone with a base attributable to the Tuscan order, a room that has been the protagonist of the most important and ancient functions of the castle, full of culture, intriguing stories and remote legends. With a capacity of 200 people and several areas equipped to better manage the crucial moments of your wedding in the castle, the Column Room is a sought-after place: ancient candelabra, stones steeped in tradition, a never banal space, in order to offer a fairy tale atmosphere with unique emotions.

The Grotesque Room

To host intimate wedding parties in the castle in Franciacorta, the location offers the possibility to set up the reserved Grotesque Room: a versatile and particularly scenographic space thanks to the picturesque stencil decorations surrounded by the grotesque masks adorning the walls and, thanks to the composed Venetian floor, a sort of mosaic of small fragments of marble, typical of the "Venetian" period of the structure. A discreet place where private wedding parties can be organized, restricted to a few dear friends or relatives to share the special moment of your wedding.

A castle in Franciacorta

The magic of Castello Quistini

Castello Quistini is an ancient house of 1500 with rooms full of history and legends, located in the beautiful hills of Franciacorta, near the historic center of Rovato. A collection with over 1500 varieties of roses in a big labyrinth. Secret green corners, like a bioenergetic garden, a secret garden of the hydrangeas, the “brolo” where you can find the strangest and oldest varieties of fruit trees and a small vegetable garden. The overall surface of the botanical garden exceeds 10,000 square meters.

Discover the video of Quistini Castle

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